a-license-to-thrillWhatever age you are, we all have grown up with James Bond and for many of us we all have a favourite Bond film or at least a favourite Bond song.

Adele has kept the tradition alive with the superb new Bond theme tune, Skyfall, a great song with the distinctive Bondish production that we have all come to know and love.

From Matt Monroe (From Russia with Love) to Madonna (Die Another Day) and from Tina Turner (GoldenEye) to Tom Jones (Thunderball) the Bond franchise rolls on and with the 23rd release,Skyfall, which is now incredibly the biggest grossing Bond film of all time, breaking records around the world including surpassing the Harry Potter series opening weekend - which is quite an accomplishment in itself.

Even in Sydney, one of the cities most iconic cinema theatre's the Orpheum theatre broke its own records with Skyfall making it the most successful opening weekend ever for any film. Not bad for a theatre established since 1935!

Sean Connery made the part his own putting his own iconic take on the role and subsequently cast a long shadow over his successors. He retired from the role at the grand age of 41, Daniel Craig took over at the age of 39. Taking inflation into account Thunderball remains the biggest ever Bond movie.

George Lazenby the youngest Bond at 29 did incredibly well in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, considering his acting skills up to then had only been in commercials.Unfortunately lack of movie experience did not take him further than one movie to establish his own Bond legacy.

Roger Moore heralded a lighter brand of Bond and he starred in a successful run of 7 movies.  Many consider Live and Let Die, his first Bond as his best.

Timothy Daltons introduction in the late 80's progressed to a more serious portrayal and both films, The Living Daylights and Licence to Kill were both box office hits, yet it was evident that still a new Bond was needed.

Enter Pearce Brosnon in 1994. He successfully brought cool back into the role and all four of his Bond films outgrossed their predecessors, and Goldeneye remains one of the Bond classics.

The Bond brand however although successful was beginning to appear outdated, especially with films such as the Jason Bourne series, setting a new standard in realism and action and story lines.  Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson realised they had to update Bond to make him relative to 21st century audiences.

Daniel Craig was a controversial choice at the time when he joined in 2006.
But one that has proved to be inspired. A darker, broodier, meaner and flawed 007 which has illuminated the series once again.

The back to basics approach made Casino Royale the most successful Bond up to then and now with Skyfall being the highest grossing Bond of all time, who knows where this series will take us...?

James Bond is here to stay and put simply, Nobody Does It Better!