its-rock-and-rollYou can't always get what you want, but Sir Mick Jagger CEO of Rolling Stones PLC clearly has managed to do just that, well almost....

In Philip Normans book ' Mick Jagger ' the biography, it's all there, the suburban upbringing, the strong family unit, the successful schoolboy, the forays into R&B with his new teenage pal, Keith Richards.The gruelling grind of the early Sixties tours, Marianne Faithful, their long climb to the top in the U.S, the uncanny Svengali management of Andrew Loog Oldham who created the Stones bad boy image as the Anti Beatles ( a master stroke of PR
) the drug busts, the tours, the women, Micks ascent from rock superstar to crossing over to the aristocratic and sophisticates circles, the tax exile, the canny businessman, the squeezing out of Brian Jones, the emerging songwriter.

The South of France villa, the 18th century townhouse in Chelsea, the mansion in Richmond, the brownstone house in New York, Mick certainly has adapted over the years to the best of the best, and an ever watchful eye over the books, the songwriting credits closely guarded, the lips logo reflecting more than a product but a Rock brand firmly enshrined in Rock folklore.

There is always ' Brown Sugar' just to remind one that behind the respectful veneer, ' Jumpin Jack Flash ' ( inspired by Keith's gardener..) was there for many a year to cause havoc in the middle class circles, whilst gleefully sipping the best champagne and counting the coffers.

TCOB ( taking care of business ) was more Micks ideology than it was ever Elvis's.

Norman brings to the subject a critical detachment and depth of knowledge, as reflected in his previous critically acclaimed 'John Lennon A Life ' It gets to the crux of Jagger's story, but Jagger remains an elusive figure throughout, and one is forever left with the feeling of detachment for this very famous world rock superstar.

A fitness fanatic throughout his life, his PE teacher father Joe, providing an early discipline and health and fitness ethic that has stayed with Jagger throughout.

A surprisingly long affectionate and mutually respectful friendship with John Lennon reveals one of the few people outside of his father that Jagger respected and did indeed look up.

Keith Richards musical influence and his songwriting partnership with Mick is undeniable, but without the stewardship of Jagger, the band clearly would have ground to a halt in the 70's, more to do with Keith's drug excess's, than do do with any lack of creativity from the band as a whole.

Keith always being one of the band, whilst Captain Jagger keeping the troops in order.

The unflattering side of Jagger is the less than charming habit of denying paternity suits, the penny pinching, the freezing out of people close when their usefulness had expired and the less than gentlemanly conduct when Bianca and Jerry Hall enter the story, such was the life in the court of King Mick.

Strangely enough Jagger now enjoys a reasonable friendship with both ex's, no more the beast of burden then..

A amusing chapter called 'Friends With Benefits' reveals a consistent characteristic of Micks with a track record of sleeping with the domestics, the Nannies, the PA's, he certainly was not adverse to keeping more than music 'in house'

What shines through though is the inescapable fact that Jagger ably weathered the storm of the excessive 60's and 70's, took and steered the Stones onto greater heights and from the 80's onwards helped create the Stones as the biggest grossing Rock band of all time and spearheading the bands lasting legacy as a major counter cultural influence.

Not bad for a lad from the suburbs of Dartford, England...